3 reasons to get your window tinted

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Glass Repair & Replacement

Window tinting is an incredibly popular aftermarket car upgrade. Window tinting offers several key benefits that help customers enjoy their cars more. If you want more privacy, healthier skin, and cooler summers, then you should strongly consider getting Window Tinting in Logan, UT.

Increased privacy

Tinted windows are harder to see into, increasing the privacy for both the passengers and the driver. If you regularly drive through areas where you do not want to be recognized, then the privacy of tinting will make you feel safer. Additionally, tinted windows will hide your stuff when your car is parked in public, decreasing your chances of being robbed when you’re out and about.

Protecting your eyes and skin

The UV radiation from the sun is threatening to your health. This radiation can hit you even when you’re driving your car. Window tinting can have a dramatic impact on your health. Some window tints have been shown to block 99% of UV rays. If you’re looking to keep your skin healthy, then you should consider window tinting.

Keeping your cool

Summers in Utah are brutal. The sun can bear down on your car for hours a day. In the summer, heat works against your air conditioning, making driving for short trips miserable. If you don’t keep your AC on for ten to twenty minutes, then your car may never get cool. Window tinting can reduce heat by 70%, increasing your comfort level throughout the summer.

Getting your windows tinted is a major life upgrade. If you get Window Tinting in Logan, UT, then you’ll be cooler, safer, and healthier over time. Get your car upgraded today with a window tint from Barker Glass.

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