3 Reasons Natural Stone Countertops Are The Best Choice

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Granite Countertops

There are many different options for kitchen and bathroom counters. However, when it comes to a kitchen or bathroom new construction project or home renovation, natural stone is the most popular choice.

Natural stone countertops offer several advantages for homes throughout Minneapolis, MN, and throughout the state. These benefits include not only the aesthetics of natural stone but also the value-added factors.

Unique Designs and Variations

Unlike manufactured countertop materials, each piece of natural stone is unique. Small variations in pattern, colors, and options for finishing the stone allow MN homeowners to create their unique space.

At the same time, classic types of natural stone countertops, such as Carrara marble or Bianco granite, are easily recognized as top materials in any kitchen or bathroom.

Durable and Practical

With just minimal care and attention, natural stone countertops will last a lifetime. Natural stone should be sealed to prevent etching and staining, with this process only required every few years.

After the natural stone is sealed, all that is required is a quick wipe with warm water and a soft cloth to clean up spills. Daily wiping with a microfiber or soft cloth reduces any scratching or dulling of the surface.

Increased Home Resale Potential

New home construction is an ideal time to install natural stone counters throughout the kitchen and bathroom. For existing homes undergoing upgrades or renovations, adding natural stone increases home visibility in the market. These are counters that most buyers look for in a home and add to the features of the home on market listings.

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