Eliminating Carpenter Bees & their Nest & Other Pest Control Services in Brick NJ

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Pest Control

Carpenter bees are often spotted near wooden surfaces. Bees may build a nest on a front or back porch or along the edge of a roof. Nests are also found in natural surroundings, such as attached to a tree limb or underneath a log. If a nest of carpenter bees is on a residential piece of property, homeowners may hesitate to go outdoors for long lengths of time. The following steps will assist with eliminating bees and their nest and Pest Control Services in Brick NJ.


  • binoculars
  • liquid pesticide
  • powder pesticide
  • protective clothing and headgear
  • work gloves
  • flashlight
  • ladder
  • vinyl tarps
  • large metal shovel
  • long-handled scrub brush (stiff bristles)
  • water hose
  • adjustable nozzle
  • detergent

Applying Liquid And Powder Pesticide

Before administering the pesticide, a bee nest should be observed from a distance to determine where its opening is located. A pair of binoculars will make viewing the habitat possible. When it is dark outside, an individual should wear protective clothing, which includes a long-sleeved shirt and pants. A face mask should also be worn. If a mask is not available for use, a piece of netting can be draped over a person’s head. After putting on a pair of work gloves, a ladder should be set up near a bee nest. Liquid pesticides should be applied liberally to a nest’s exterior. A powder pesticide can be squirted into the opening of a hive. Pesticide dust will kill bees on contact.

Adding More Pesticides Before Removing A Nest

Pesticide may take a day or two to effectively eliminate an entire nest of bees. A second application should be applied to a nest if a few lingering bees are spotted flying around a hive’s opening. After bees have been destroyed, vinyl tarps should be laid across the section of the property that is underneath a bee nest. A large metal shovel or a long-handled scrub brush can be used to strike a nest. A nest will fall onto a tarp. Afterward, soapy water and a scrub brush can be used to eliminate residue that remains on the surface where a bee nest was once attached. The surface should be rinsed off with plain water once finished.

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